I Promise to those I love...
to NOT Drink & Drive, to NOT Text & Drive, to ALWAYS wear my seatbelt..


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"I checked out your website, how inspirational! (and a simple message) My two youngest kids were in a horrific car accident last June on their way back from volunteering at vacation bible school when they were t-boned by another car who failed to stop at a atop sign going 75 MPH. The car rolled over several times before landing in a ditch. God had angels working overtime that day, because other than bruises and a few cuts and a minor knee injury, they came out fine. God bless you with your ministry bringing awareness to teens on the dangers of driving."
Elizabet Castro Gil

"In an instant a friend lost his life and many lives were changed. I never before thought it could be me on the news, me in prison and yet here I am. I chose to drink and drive. A family lost their son, their nephew and their brother. Think twice before you get behind the wheel, because as I sit here in this cell...I'll tell you that it's not worth it."
Jesse St. Clair

"Life can change in an instant for you and for others. I Promise."
Hailey Holloway

"At North we focus on making responsible choices, and this program goes along with that.  With the freedoms that are given comes responsibility."
Edmond North Principal,
Jan Keirns


My senior year of high school I lost my best friend Luke Davis due to a drinking and driving accident. To this day he still lives in my heart and I can't help but think of all the great times that we had together.  I hope that being a teen I can share my message to others about being safe and being smart when it comes making decisions about that.  I hope to live my life to the fullest and for Luke.
Chelsy Simpson

I am so impressed with what you have done. It is a phenomenal idea. My nephew is just now taking his Driver's Ed. course back in New Mexico. This will be perfect for him and his family. I am getting one for my husband and myself as well, as we have little guys (10 & 8) and we think it'll be a great visual reminder for them to see us taking the privilege of driving very seriously, as they should when they are ready to drive. They already love to check our speed and make sure we wear seat belts and stay off the cell phone; it will be icing on the cake to have this teardrop that we can be held accountable to.
Dorothy Offerman
"I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me." Phil 4:13

I am the mother of a teen who was responsible for a drinking and driving accident where an innocent victim lost their life.  I never want anyone to feel the pain that the victim's family has felt, that I have felt, and the remorse that my teen will always live with.  I feel the I Promise program communicates to teens on an emotional  level how serious the consequences of thoughtless actions can be.

Deborah St. Clair
Moore, OK

I am a proud sponsor and promote the I Promise teardrops at Brown's Driving School. We are excited about how it can change lives and help our drivers become more responsible on the road and in life.

Duane Brown
Brown's Driving School
Norman, Mustang, S. OKC/Moore, OK
I look at it when I drive and the teardrop reminds me of other teenagers who have died from drinking and driving or being unsafe. I do not want to harm anyone else because of my poor decision.
Natasha Kotey
Edmond, OK
I had my life saved in high school because I was wearing my seatbelt. A car ran a red light and smashed right into me as I was turning left spinning the car 180 degrees. As the Jaws of Life cut me out of the car I was extremely thankful to not have broken my legs and gone through the windshield. The officer said this would have happened if we had not being wearing our seatbelts. I'm thankful I did and am glad I made the promise to continue to wear it.
Michelle Lair
Billings, MT
I have a "I Promise" teardrop hanging from my car mirror and it really helps to remind me not to speed. Some of my friends have had tickets and paid a lot of money because of it. It reminds me to be more careful.
Blaine Hopkins
Durham Springs, LA
This program can have a great impact. Several years ago I lost a student athlete in a car accident. You won't only hurt yourself! Be careful when you get behind the wheel.
James Edwards
Teacher and Coach
Edmond, OK

I am very grateful for the "I Promise" program and what it represents for our young people. It gave me the opportunity to have another very serious conversation with my daughter about the life effects of not keeping that promise. She was especially moved by Jesse's story and the power of having an "I Promise" covenant between parents and friends. Thank you for creating the program and presenting it to our children.
DeLane Archer
Keller, TX

As personal viewers of the “I Promise” message and recipients of the “I Promise” pendant, we are hopeful that this true story will reach teenagers on an enormous-scale.   Too many precious lives have been lost through drinking and driving.   The “I Promise” (not to drink and drive) pendant is a life-saving lesson and symbol for our children … a lesson they will remember for their lifetime.  We encourage all of you to get this message out to your adolescent children … Your Children Are Worth It !
Allen and Della Johnson
Ingram, TX

As the father of 2 teenage drivers, I was happy to purchase several I Promise medallions. I gave one to each of my kids, and kept one for myself. I have been guilty of using my cell phone for calls and even text messages while driving. Having this hang from my rear view mirror has really been a good reminder to NOT text while driving. It also has been a nice conversation piece when I have passengers in my car. I don’t know ANYBODY that is not in favor of using safety!
Pat Dunlap
Edmond, OK




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